Plump | Plum Saison 6%

Grain Bill

18lbs 2.8ozs Pilsner 2 Row
1lb 1.4ozs Vienna Malt
1lb 1.4ozs Wheat Malt
8.8ozs Cara Gold (Strange Brew was out of Caramunich)
7.3ozs Munich Malt
4.5oz 2.8% Styrian Goldings hops @ 45mins
2oz 4.8% East Kent Goldings hops whirlpool for 15mins (original plan was 1oz @ 15mins)
400 billion cells of Imperial Yeast Rustic
8lbs of plums added to fermentation after 1 day
Mash temp 150F
Sparge temp 163F


The Raspberry Saison Raspberry Dream was a big hit and last weekend Dianne and went to Trillium to taste a Saisons and Gose, one of which we really liked was done with plums.  So Plump was born, after some debate of maybe doing peaches.


Water adjustment of 5g gypsum and 4g epsom salt to bring the profile to calcium=37, magnesium=15, sodium=38, chloride=39, sulfate=126.

Brewing Notes

Decided to change the East Kent Golding hop addition (Strange brew only had 2oz whole leaf bags) from 1oz @ 15mins to 2ozs whirlpooled for 15 mins.  I was just going to toss the extra once but when I opened the bag they had such a nice soft aroma I decided to use them all (IBUs stayed the same @ 25.2).

Fermentation Started at 68 for a full day of fermentation (then added plums) and the plan is to raise 2 degrees every day.


Plum Saison - Plump