Campfire S’mores | Stout 9%


Angels with A Dark Heart | Oak Aged Imperial Stout 13%

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Third time brewing Angels With A Dark Heart and second time I will barrel age. This time I purchased a 15 gallon bourbon barrel versus 20 gallons and I plan to age the beer up to Christmas. Nick could not get me a barrel this time so I ordered from North East Barrel Company.

Grain Bill

The grain bill was used for each brew.
26lbs Pale 2-Row malt
2lbs Flaked Red Wheat
2lbs Flaked Oats
4lbs Roasted Barley malt
1lb 8ozs Black Patent malt
1lb 8ozs Caramel/Crystal 60L malt
3lb Chocolate malt
2qts maple syrup in bourbon barrel (Second brew 1qt add to barrel)
4ozs Magnum @60mins
10pkgs Safale English Ale yeast #S-04 (Second brew I used 8pkgs)


My inspiration comes from one of the best beers I’ve ever had – Angels with a Filthy Soul from Bissell Brothers.  I’ve only ever had 3 cans of this beer as it is crazy hard to get. 

Brew Notes

Because I need 15 gallons for the barrel I will need to brew twice. First brew day had a slow late start as I had to pick up the grain in the morning and Beer Wine Hobby does not open till 9:00. Let the HLT come up to temp while I went and picked up grain. The second brew day (the following weekend) I started early and let the water come up to temp while having breakfast. Grains went into the mash tun at 8:50.

First batch: Post boil SG was 1.09 against a target of 1.093. I put all the yeast in but did not add the maple syrup until fermentation stopped, which of course got the yeast active again. This is the first time I’ve ever had yeast overflow the blowoff tube. I suspect it was due to being so over pitched.

Second batch: Post boil SG was 1.09 against a target of #.##.