It’s been are really long time since I’ve brewed and I do not have any IPA on tap so I decided to go with Double Down.  I used the more bitter hop addition and changed up the whirlpool and dry hop approach.  I also increased the whirlpool temp from 148F to 165F.

Grain Bill

25lbs Rahr Pale Malt
3lbs Weyermann Pale Wheat Malt
2lbs Briess Flaked Red Wheat
1lb 8ozs Flaked Oats
1lb Table Sugar (Added with dry hop)
2oz Amarillo @ 30mins
2oz Amarillo @ 15mins
2ozs Citra and Galaxy whirlpool for 15mins @ 165F
4ozs Amarillo and Galaxy whirlpool for 15mins @ 165F
4pkgs (8 billion cells) Juice yeast
4oz each of Galaxy & Citra dry hopped 2 days before FG


Added 3g of gypsum, 8g calcium chloride, and 12g magnesium sulfate.

Brew Notes

A fair bit of cleaning to get the day started, especially the HERMS coil.  I also made a huge mistake and forgot to put the hop filter in boil kettle.  I ended up chilling with immersion chiller and pumped out without the filter.