Raspberry Dream | Raspberry Saison 6%-7%

This is the third time brewing Raspberry Dream.  The prior batches went over great so third times a charm.  This time around I’m using local farm organic raspberries that I purchased in the summer and froze.  I’m also increasing the raspberries to 10lbs versus 5lbs.  It has been awhile since I brewed as I’ve been focused on getting the canning machine running.

Grain Bill

18lbs 2.8ozs Pilsen 2 Row (Belgian)
1lb 1.4ozs Vienna Malt (Type 1)
1lb 1.4ozs Wheat Malt
8.8ozs Caramunich
7.3ozs Munich Malt (Type 1)
4.5oz 2.8% Styrian Goldings hops @ 45mins
1oz 4.8% East Kent Goldings hops @ 15mins
10lbs raspberries were washed and frozen and thawed and added to fermenter with wort
Mash temp 150F
Sparge temp 160F
400B cell of Wyeast 3411


People have really loved it.


Water adjustment of 5g gypsum and 4g epsom salt to bring the profile to calcium=37, magnesium=15, sodium=38, chloride=39, sulfate=126 (same as what was done for the Plum Saison).

Brewing Notes

Started at about 5:30am.  Not much else to report.  Thinking about adding some honey during fermentation…


I did a label for the first version but I think I will come up with something new.