A few weeks back I was picking up 18lbs of raspberries that I plan to use for a saison and an IPA (Julius clone fermented on raspberries) and I passed a farm selling peaches.  That same week I had a peach Gose at Lord Hobo that was truly amazing and hence Life’s A Peach was born.

I’m basically following this recipe other than the fermentation process.  I’ve decided to instead use the wild yeast I cultivated for my wild raspberry ale, hence I’m calling this a wild Gose.

Grain Bill

1lb rice hulls
10lbs Wheat malt, German
9lbs Pilsner 2-row, German
2lbs Acid malt (1/2 mashed for 90mins and 1/2 mashed for 45mins)
1.5ozs Saaz @ 60mins
10g Himalayan salt @ boil
12g Coriander seeds @ 10mins
10lbs fresh peaches (pits removed and heated and frozen)


Went with the same water profile I’ve been using for saison.

Brewing Notes

Swapped my Blichmann hop blocker for The Electric Brewery Hop Stopper.

Had issue with lap top I typically use to run the brewery so had to setup another.

Added 10g Himalayan salt to the boils and 12g coriander seeds with 10mins left in boil.

Should have called this Peach Bomb.  I added the peaches at the same time as the yeast.  I maybe should have done this after high krausen.  The next morning the fermentor PSI was at 20 and the pressure relief valve had gone off and blowing peach all over the garage.  The CO2 relief tube was plugged with peach.  I took the relief valve apart in the drive and let things overflow.  I also reduce the volume of liquid in the tank slightly.  I had to leave the blow off tube disconnected.