I purchased the grain for this beer at the beginning of quarantine, but I’ve put off brewing it as I was undecided on the approach.  I debated between actual graham crackers and marshmallow or adding components that would give me these flavors.  In the end I decided to use the real thing.

Grain Bill

25lbs Pale Malt 2 row
4lbs Roasted Barley
2lbs Chocolate Malt
2lbs Flaked Oats
1lb 8ozs Black Patent Malt
1lb Crystal Male 60L
1lb Flaked Wheat
4ozs Brown Sugar (Added at beginning of boil)
1box Honey Maid Graham Crackers with Cinnamon (Added last 15 mins of boil)
1box Honey Maid Graham Crackers with Honey (Added last 15 mins of boil)
1bag Marshmallows Toasted on open fire and toasted in fermentor (Might add more late in fermentation)
3ozs Magnum (ended up using 1ozs Huell Melon and 2oz Apollo)
4packages Imperial Yeast Darkness


7g gypsum and 4g calcium chloride.

Brewing Notes

In a nut shell the day was a disaster.

  1. I didn’t double check the mash setup and as luck would have the dip tube was point up, rather than under the false bottom.  So needless to say I could not circulate water.  I ended up taking the 36lbs of grain and all the water out, putting it in my 5 gallon buckets and fixing this.  This created a big issue with temp.  Once I had everything back together the temp was down at 128F and it took more than 20mins to get to the target temp.
  2. I forgot I did not have the Magnum hops and to make things worse the brew store is closed.  Fortunately I had some things in the fridge.  Ended up using 2ozs of Apollo and 1oz of Huell Melon (both added first wort).
  3. The marshmallows were all stuck together in the bag which was a big sticky mess.

In the end the day ended fine and the wort that went into the fermenter tasted great.

July 12th:  Beer has been sitting in the unitank in the walk-in now and since I’ve not really liked the taste I decided to add 8 oz of chocolate nibs (bagged in cheese cloth and hung in tank) and another bag of marshmallow (this time not toasted) to the beer.  I did this three days ago and it really improved the taste.  Today I will transfer to kegs.