Moon Walk | Hopped Up Pale Ale 5%

Grain Bill

17lbs Pale Malt 2 Row
1lb Carapils
1lb Caramel / Crystal Malt 60L
Mashed at 150F for 90mins and sparge at 168F for 20mins
No hop addition in the boil
Cool to 190F
Whirlpool at 190F 2ozs Cascade, 1oz Centennial, 1oz Chinook and 1oz Citra for 15min
Cool to 170F
Whirlpool at 170F 2ozs Cascade, 2ozs Centennial, 2ozs Chinook and 2ozs Citra for 50min
300B cells of Wyeast 1272 (is suppose to be the same as Imperial Yeast A15)


People liked the Pale Ale I brewed for Thanksgiving called The Landing so I decided to try another version of this.  I was not happy with how bitter The Landing came out so this time I decided to not do any hops in the boil.  I also adjust the chloride/sulfate ratio up from .39 to .59 which is still in bitterness range.

Brew Notes

Water adjustment of 12g gypsum 6g calcium chloride and 4g magnesium sulfate – to bring the water to 85ppm calcium, 8ppm magnesium, 38ppm sodium, 92ppm chloride, and 156ppm sulfate.  Chloride/sulfate ratio of .59 which should enhance bitterness.