Julius is one of my favorite Treehouse beers and I found this recipe so I had to give it a try.  I’m also thinking about brewing it with raspberries at some point (reduce dextrose by the sugar from raspberries).  Fingers crossed it is on target with an actual Julius.

Grain Bill

11lbs Pale Malt 2-Row
9lbs Golden Promise (Simpson)
2.5lbs Carafoam
1.5lbs Aromatic Malt
12ozs Dextrose
1oz Warrior @ 60mins
1oz Apollo @ 20mins
1.5ozs Citra @ 15mins
1oz Apollo @ 10mins
6ozs Citra @ 1min
3ozs Apollo @ 1min
5.5pkgs SafAle English Ale S-04
0.3pkgs SafAle Specialty Ale T-58
0.2pkgs SafAle Wheat WB-06
9ozs Citra Dry Hopped 4 days
3ozs Apollo Dry Hopped 4 days


Added 6g of Gypsum, 7g Calcium Chloride and 12g Epsum for a resulting water profile of Calcium = 61ppm, Magnesium = 20ppm, Sodium = 38ppm, Chloride = 96ppm and Sulfate = 142

Brewing Notes

Not much to note about this brew, but the day prior I brewed Life’s A Peach and the fermentor blow off tube got plugged at night and I had a peach bomb in the garage.  Needless to say I was doing lots of cleaning.