Angels with a Dark Heart | Oak Aged Imperial Stout 13%


Second time brewing this as I planned to enter it into the national home brew competition.  I did not have much time to get everything done, especially the aging, and I had to brew a double batch to fill a 25 gallon barrel.  I purchased a barrel from Nick and because I was short on time we simple added a few bottles of his syrup to the barrel and rolled it around for a few days (there was just not enough time to go through an aging of the syrup).

Grain Bill

28lbs 4.8ozs Pale 2-Row malt
2lbs 11.1ozs Flaked Wheat
2lbs 11.1ozs Flaked Oats
2lbs 8.9ozs Roasted Barley malt
1lb 4.5ozs Black Patent malt
1lb 4.5ozs Caramel/Crystal 60L malt
1lb 4.5ozs Chocolate malt
1lb 4.1ozs Corn Sugar
3.3ozs Magnum @60mins
10pkgs Safale English Ale yeast #S-04


My inspiration comes from one of the best beers I’ve ever had – Angels with a Filthy Soul from Bissell Brothers.  I’ve only ever had 3 cans of this beer as it is crazy hard to get.  Bissell Brothers age this beer in oak barrels they get from Nick at Cask Force who I know from Post Road Liquors.  And before aging the beer the barrel is used to age the Cask Force maple syrup.

Brew Notes

Up early that day so I could get a double batch brewed.  Everything went great on brew day and I was done before 5:00pm.


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