Dark Hearts | Imperial Stout 10%

Grain Bill

28lbs 4.8ozs Pale 2-Row malt
2lbs 11.1ozs Flaked Wheat
2lbs 11.1ozs Flaked Oats
2lbs 8.9ozs Roasted Barley malt
1lb 4.5ozs Black Patent malt
1lb 4.5ozs Caramel/Crystal 60L malt
1lb 4.5ozs Chocolate malt
1lb 4.1ozs Corn Sugar
3.3ozs Magnum @60mins
10pkgs Safale English Ale yeast #S-04


My goal is to ultimately brew something like the Bissell Brothers Angels with a Filthy Soul beer so I needed to start by brewing a stout.  I came up with the recipe working with the guys over at Strange Brew.