Ten Pin | Blonde Ale 5.4%

Second time brewing a blonde ale. Our bowling team won the championship this year and we’re getting the team together at the end of the month for a party so I decided to brew a crowd pleaser. You know something for the non-IPA fans.

Grain Bill

21lb Chateau Pilsen 2-row (Pilsner 2-row)
2lb 8oz Carapils
1oz Magnum @ 60mins
1oz Willamette Whirlpooled for 20mins
4 packs of Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favorite 50 (plans was Wyeast 1272)


My very first brew after building my system was a blonde ale and everyone seemed to like it.

Brew Notes

Day went great. Actually I filled the pots the night before so I could just kick things on in the morning before making breakfast. I picked everything up the day before but I was not able to get the base malt or the yeast I had planned.