New door for the walkin

My walk-in fridge has been a work in progress as well a series of trial and error.  When I built it I used an simple hollow core door.  Certainly not the right thing for a fridge.  But I found it very hard to find a 24″ wide door that was insulated.  Hence I decided to build a new door.  I purchased a standard 6 panel wood door and cut the interior out and replaced it with an insulated glass panel I was able to customize and purchase online.  Amazing what you can buy online today.  While it is not 100% complete it is working and the old door needed to go as it was falling apart due to the moisture.  I will add some additional weather stripping to the inside and get the door painted.

Future enhancements:

  • Finish the interior trim.
  • Get the air conditioner installed (temporarily installed right now to see if it would work).
  • Sort out better flooring.
  • Install door knob.

I’ve also had issues with a few kegs leaking beer out the valve stem which has lead to some ugly clean up.