I recently brewed a Peach Gose called Peaches and Cream that was a hit and I had some raspberries in the freezer which I planned to use to brewing a raspberry milkshake IPA.  Instead I’ve decided to use them and make a raspberry Gose.  I will barrel ferment this just like Peaches and Cream.

Grain Bill

10lbs Wheat malt, German
9lbs Pilsner 2-row, German
2lbs Acid malt (Forgot the ask the brew store to separate this so all of it went in for 90mins)
1.5ozs Saaz @ 60mins
4 packs Hefeweizen yeast
10g Himalayan salt @ 15mins
12g Coriander seeds @ 15mins
10lbs raspberries that were washed and frozen


Used the same as Peaches and Cream at 6g gypsum, 7g calcium chloride and 3g epsom salt for a water profile of 60ppm calcium, 6ppm magnesium, 38ppm sodium, 96ppm chloride and 82ppm sulfate.

Brewing Notes

Forgot to ask Beer Wine Hobby to separate the acid malt so it all when in.  The mash PH was very low at 4.16.

May 31 2020: Quickly transferred to keg today (Last week I moved it from the barrel to Unitank) so I could bring it to a pizza party.  Beer reminds me of Ruby Red juice.


Need a label and name