Last fall I brewed my first wild beers, one of which was a wild peach gose, which was a big hit.  Although I don’t have any of the wild yeast that I cultivated I do have the barrel that I aged my raspberry wild american ale in, which was the same yeast.  I also have about a glass of the peach beer left.  I hope to get some of the sour out of the barrel and therefore I’m going to ferment in the barrel.

Grain Bill

1lb rice hulls
10lbs Wheat malt, German
9lbs Pilsner 2-row, German
2lbs Acid malt (1/2 mashed for 90mins and 1/2 mashed for 45mins)
1.5ozs Saaz @ 60mins
4 packs Hefeweizen yeast
10g Himalayan salt @ boil
12g Coriander seeds @ 10mins
2 containers of Oregon peach puree


I changed up the water.  This time I went with 6g gypsum, 7g calcium chloride and 3g epsom salt for a water profile of 60ppm calcium, 6ppm magnesium, 38ppm sodium, 96ppm chloride and 82ppm sulfate.

Brewing Notes

My goal is to get some of the sour out of the barrel and the small amount of wild peach gose I had left over.  I filled the barrel with a small amount of Starsan and let it sit overnight.  I was more interested in making sure the barrel was swelled versus sanitizing it.  At the start of the brew day I added the Oregon puree and the glass of beer to the barrel.  

90 minute mash at 149, starting with 50% of the acid malt.  The other 50% was added 45 minutes into the mash.

April 9 2020: Moved the Gose out of the barrel and into an unitank and crashed it.

April 13 2020: Tapped the first glass tonight.  I would say it is simply amazing.  I think I will do this again with raspberries.  No funk from the barrel so I’ve decided to rename this to Peaches And Cream as it is very different than Life’s A Peach.