Galaxy Rider | Double Dry Hopped IPA 5.9%

This has been a real hit and now that I have the tap system up and running I figured it was time to brew it again.

Grain Bill

21lbs 12ozs Pale 2 row malt
2lbs 4.8ozs Cara Pils / Dextrine malt
2lbs 4.8ozs White Wheat malt
2lbs 4.8ozs Caramel 20L malt
1oz each Columbus & Galaxy hops @ 20mins
1oz each Columbus & Galaxy hops @ 10mins
4oz each Columbus & Galaxy dry hopped @ 2 days into fermentation
4oz each Columbus & Galaxy dry hopped @ secondary
3 packs of Giga GY054 Vermont IPA (6 billion cells).


I added used the same water adjustments even though I was slightly larger batch (12 gallons into fermentor) 3g gypsum, 7g calcium chloride and 8g epsom salt.

Brew Notes

I did not close the valve after transferring the wort to the Boil kettle and a few gallons siphoned back to the Mash Tun.  Before I noticed this I had drained the wort out of the Mash Tun.  Fortunately the bucket was clean.  But I had also drained water from the HLT into this bucket.  So I poured most of this back into the Boil (took volume up to 15 gallons from the intended 13.8 gallons) and changed the Boil time to 90 minutes.