Double Down | Double IPA 8%

Crazy brew day.  Lack of products, system issues and plan old brew master mistakes…  In the end I think I put together a good double IPA – time will tell.

Grain Bill

1lb Rice Hulls
25lbs Pale Malt (2 row)
3lbs Wheat Malt
2lbs Flaked Wheat
1lb 8ozs Flaked Oats
1lb Table Sugar
1oz Amarillo @30mins
1oz Amarillo & 6ozs Citra @ 8mins (the Amarillo was suppose to be 15mins and the Citra was suppose to be whirlpool)
3pkgs (6billion cells) Imperial Barbarian yeast
10oz each of Galaxy & Amarillo dry hopped 2 days before FG


I had planned to brew a Raspberry Saison today but the WGC is having an IPA day in a few weeks which got me excited about doing an IPA.  My plan was to redo Between the Pipe but Strange Brew was out of lots of stuff when I got there.  So inspired to do an IPA i built a new plan on the fly.

Brew Notes

All in all it was a bit of a messy brew day.  Things did not really go my way, starting with the fact that Strange Brew was out of hops and I had to run to Beer Wine Hobby in the morning to get hops.  First thing in the morning I decided to run some test on the boil and sort out the issues I’ve been having.  I’ve been using PIDBoil to run the boil…  In the end I discovered this plugin is really for single vessel systems.  Therefore I switched back to basic control.  That said I found I needed to run the target temp at 113 to keep the boil going.  Need to look into configuring the basic heater offsets (using craftbeerpi to control my system).  I also had a big mishap in the second hop addition.  My 6ozs of Citra were suppose to go in a whirlpool but I dumped them in with the 15min addition of Amarillo.  About 8 mins latter I realized my mistake and recalculated the IBU in Beer Smith, which show I would end up at 69 IBUs (this would put my IBUs up in Heady Topper levels).  Instead of doing this I cut the boil short making my last addition 8mins and my calculated IBUs at 46.

The specific gravity out of the boil was 1.074-1.075 which is right on target.  If we get to a FG of 1.01 we will be right about 8% ABV.

I also decided to make some changes to my glycol chiller which only added to the confusion for the day…