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Spruce Juice | Blonde Ale 4.2%

I started with my first brew ever which is a Blonde Ale from The Electric Brewery that I call Sweet Lilly and added spruce tips to it.  Sweet Lilly is really a simple beer, light in color and flavour.  I plan to do a number of brews with this as the base and add things such as […]

Canning Line Up & Running

First time I’ve run the canning setup for real (not for testing).  In the video I’m canning the Beets Gone Wild Saison.  That same day I canned the Angels with a Dark Heart Imperial Stout that I aged in oak.  The can seamer is from October Design in Detroit.  The whole setup works amazingly well.  […]

Road to Columbus | Double Dry Hopped IPA 5%

My last few batches were a stretch in new directions and I wanted to get back to making an IPA.  Rather than trying to improve on a past brew I decided to go for a new recipe. Grain Bill 20lbs Pale 2 row malt 2lbs Cara Pils / Dextrine malt 2lbs White Wheat malt 1lb […]

Beets Gone Wild | Saison 7%

Grain Bill 20lbs Pilsner 2-row malt 1lb 3.2ozs Vienna malt 1lb 3.2ozs Wheat malt 9.6ozs Caramunich malt 8ozs Munich malt 3ozs Styrian Goldings @45mins 1oz East Gent Goldings @15mins 4lbs of beets chopped @20mins left in the boil 5pkgs Belgian Saison (Wyeast Labs #3724) Inspiration My cousin Brett “Brettman” Williams owns a brewery in Denver […]

Between the Pipes | Double IPA 7.6%

Second time brewing Between the Pipes.  That said I am not 100% confident I actually used the same grain bill as I could not sort out my prior sheets and the “on the fly” changes I made while shopping at Strange Brew. Grain Bill 25lbs Pale 2-row malt 3lbs Wheat Flaked 1lb 8ozs Oats Flaked […]

Second Half | IPA 6.5%

Grain Bill 18lbs 12ozs Briess Pale malt 4lbs 12ozs Flaked Oats 2lbs Flaked Wheat 2ozs Amarillo @ 15mins 4ozs Falconer’s Flight Whirlpool for 15mins 2ozs Citra Whirlpool for 15mins 6pkgs American Ale (Wyeast #1056) 12ozs Citra Dry Hopped for 2 days 2ozs each Galaxy & Rakau Dry Hopped for 2 days

Dark Hearts | Imperial Stout 10%

Grain Bill 28lbs 4.8ozs Pale 2-Row malt 2lbs 11.1ozs Flaked Wheat 2lbs 11.1ozs Flaked Oats 2lbs 8.9ozs Roasted Barley malt 1lb 4.5ozs Black Patent malt 1lb 4.5ozs Caramel/Crystal 60L malt 1lb 4.5ozs Chocolate malt 1lb 4.1ozs Corn Sugar 3.3ozs Magnum @60mins 10pkgs Safale English Ale yeast #S-04 Inspiration My goal is to ultimately brew something […]

Everyone Remembers Their First | IPA

Grain Bill 17lbs Pale 2-row malt 4lbs Flaked Wheat 2lbs Flaked Oats 1lb 4ozs Carahell 1lb Rice Hulls 1oz each Citra & Falcons @ 15mins 2ozs Citra Whirlpool for 15 mins 1oz Falcon Whirlpool for 15 mins 6ozs Citra dry hopped 2 days 2ozs Falcons dry hopped 2 days

Beer On Tap

Keg-orator is up and running and for the most part complete.  When we are fully up and running our three primary beers, Between the Pipe – Double IPA, Sweet Lilly – Blonde Ale and a Stout (still a work in progress) will be on tap.   I started the build by tearing apart a new […]