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Wild Yeast | Silver Leaf Farm in Concord

In September I will be brewing my Raspberry Saison as an American Wild Ale fermented and aged in oak.  I will be adding 10lbs of raspberries from Silver Leaf Farm in Concord MA.  Silver Leaf is a small organic family farm that raises heirloom raspberries.  My plan is to cultivate yeast from the raspberry fields […]


Galaxy Rider | Double Dry Hopped IPA 5.9%

This has been a real hit and now that I have the tap system up and running I figured it was time to brew it again. Grain Bill 21lbs 12ozs Pale 2 row malt 2lbs 4.8ozs Cara Pils / Dextrine malt 2lbs 4.8ozs White Wheat malt 2lbs 4.8ozs Caramel 20L malt 1oz each Columbus & […]


Raspberry Dream | Raspberry Saison 6%-7%

This went over big the first time I brewed it so I’ve decided to go for it again.  Actually I’m planning on doing this and a wild version.  For the wild version is really an American Wild Ale versus a saison.  For wild one I’m planning to capture and raise the yeast from the farm […]


Ten Pin | Blonde Ale 5.4%

Second time brewing a blonde ale. Our bowling team won the championship this year and we’re getting the team together at the end of the month for a party so I decided to brew a crowd pleaser. You know something for the non-IPA fans. Grain Bill 21lb Chateau Pilsen 2-row (Pilsner 2-row) 2lb 8oz Carapils1oz […]

Moon Walk | Hopped Up Pale Ale 5%

Grain Bill 17lbs Pale Malt 2 Row 1lb Carapils 1lb Caramel / Crystal Malt 60L Mashed at 150F for 90mins and sparge at 168F for 20mins No hop addition in the boil Cool to 190F Whirlpool at 190F 2ozs Cascade, 1oz Centennial, 1oz Chinook and 1oz Citra for 15min Cool to 170F Whirlpool at 170F […]

The Landing | Hopped Pale Ale 5%

Dianne and Chase wanted me to do something for Thanks Giving that would have a broader appeal than the Pecan Stout I did yesterday.  After brewing and writing this post we decided to change the name from Pale Rider to The Landing. Grain Bill 18lbs Pale Malt 2 Row 1lbs Carafoam 1lb Carmel / Crystal […]

3.14 | Pecan Pie Stout 9%

Decided to do something different for Thanks Giving and I hate hate hate pumpkin beer so we decided to go for pecan. Grain Bill 27lbs Pale Malt 2 Row 3lbs Chocolate Malt 3lbs Roasted Barley 1lb 8ozs Carmel / Crystal Malt 60L 1lb 8ozs Flaked Wheat 2 Pecan pies for 15 mins in the boil […]

New door for the walkin

My walk-in fridge has been a work in progress as well a series of trial and error.  When I built it I used an simple hollow core door.  Certainly not the right thing for a fridge.  But I found it very hard to find a 24″ wide door that was insulated.  Hence I decided to […]

Plump | Plum Saison 6%

Grain Bill 18lbs 2.8ozs Pilsner 2 Row 1lb 1.4ozs Vienna Malt 1lb 1.4ozs Wheat Malt 8.8ozs Cara Gold (Strange Brew was out of Caramunich) 7.3ozs Munich Malt 4.5oz 2.8% Styrian Goldings hops @ 45mins 2oz 4.8% East Kent Goldings hops whirlpool for 15mins (original plan was 1oz @ 15mins) 400 billion cells of Imperial Yeast […]