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Galaxy Rider | Double Dry Hopped IPA 5.9%

This has been a real hit and now that I have the tap system up and running I figured it was time to brew it again. Grain Bill 21lbs 12ozs Pale 2 row malt 2lbs 4.8ozs Cara Pils / Dextrine malt 2lbs 4.8ozs White Wheat malt 2lbs 4.8ozs Caramel 20L malt 1oz each Columbus & […]


Raspberry Dream | Raspberry Saison 6%-7%

This went over big the first time I brewed it so I’ve decided to go for it again.  Actually I’m planning on doing this and a wild version.  For the wild version is really an American Wild Ale versus a saison.  For wild one I’m planning to capture and raise the yeast from the farm […]

Ten Pin | Blonde Ale 5.4%

Second time brewing a blonde ale. Our bowling team won the championship this year and we’re getting the team together at the end of the month for a party so I decided to brew a crowd pleaser. You know something for the non-IPA fans. Grain Bill 21lb Chateau Pilsen 2-row (Pilsner 2-row) 2lb 8oz Carapils1oz […]