Galaxy Rider | Double Dry Hopped IPA 6.6%

Grain Bill

20lbs Pale 2 row malt
2lbs Cara Pils / Dextrine malt
2lbs White Wheat malt
1lb Caramel 20L malt
1oz each Columbus & Galaxy hops @ 30mins
1oz each Columbus & Galaxy hops @ 10mins
3oz each Columbus & Galaxy dry hopped @ 2 days into fermentation
3oz each Columbus & Galaxy dry hopped @ secondary (I do not switch tanks as I use SS Unitanks)
3 packs of Juice Imperial Yeast (6 billion cells).


My tap water is calcium=5.57ppm, magnesium=1.05ppm, sodium=38ppm, chloride=39.3ppm and sulfate=6.7ppm.
I added 3g gypsum, 7g calcium chloride and 8g epsom salt.
Brewing water (mash tun) calcium=77ppm, magnesium=22ppm, sodium=38ppm, chloride=132ppm and sulfate=139ppm.


My Road to Columbus was a big hit so I decided to brew it again.  That said I decided I would rename it and focus the new name on the Galaxy hops versus the Columbus hops.

Brew Notes

Brew day went ok for the most part.  I had a few startup issues with my controller as I could not get my laptop to connect to it.  As it turns out the Raspberry PI does not support the WPA protocol I was using.  My big issue was related to the Raspberry Saison, which I kegged while brewing.  The Raspberries didi not all fall out of suspension and hence some were flowing into the kegs and some berry parts plugged the valve in the exit post slightly open, which I did not notice.  After kegging the beer and putting the kegs in the walk-in I later notice beer flowing out of the walk-in.  When I opened the door beer was spraying out of the post and there was about 2 gallons on the floor, which made for a massive cleanup exercise.  Not to self on adding fruit, maybe I need to find a way to filter out the bits…

The recipe called for getting 6.8%ABV but we didn’t actually get there.  We ended up hitting 6.6%ABV.