Glycol chiller

I’ve been using RV anti freeze in the glycol chiller but it tends to freeze up if I pull the temp below 29F.  So I dumped this out and replaced it with 3 gallons of glycol.  The pumps would not move the stuff… so I added 2 gallons of water.  I have no problem bringing the glycol down to 16 or lower now.  That said I am have other issues:

  1. I cannot run both heaters at the same time.  The indicator lights end up blinking on and off.  Have no idea what the issue is and it should not be amperes as I put a bigger power supply in.
  2. Fermentor two is not configured correctly for temp offsets and I have not installed soft keyboard and my network connection isn’t working due to a change in wifi password.  I need to get a soft keyboard installed or add USB connectors.
  3. The glycol temperature sensor keeps failing to read the right temp.  I’ve rebooted multiple times but it keeps failing.  Also it seems to call for the AC to run to cool the glycol even though the temp is below the target.  Absolutely no idea what is going on here.  Will start my investigation by bringing the target temp up to normal level.