Road to Columbus | Double Dry Hopped IPA 5%

My last few batches were a stretch in new directions and I wanted to get back to making an IPA.  Rather than trying to improve on a past brew I decided to go for a new recipe.

Grain Bill

20lbs Pale 2 row malt
2lbs Cara Pils / Dextrine malt
2lbs White Wheat malt
1lb Caramel 20L malt
1oz each Columbus & Galaxy hops @ 30mins
1oz each Columbus & Galaxy hops @ 10mins
3oz each Columbus & Galaxy dry hopped @ 2 days into fermentation
3oz each Columbus & Galaxy dry hopped @ secondary (I do not switch tanks as I use SS Unitanks)


I took my lead from the Trillium Congress Street IPA.

Brew Notes

Brew day went very well.  I lowered my brewhouse efficiency from 72% to 68% in my recipe software and hit the OG numbers right on target.  When I planned the recipe I was only going to do a single dry hop but after getting it in the fermentor I had a feeling there really wasn’t enough hop so I decided to add a secondary dry hop as well.

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  1. chris williams
    chris williams says:

    Late Saturday night when I checked on the temp I noticed it was much lower than I had my set point. After a little fussing about I realized I forgot to plug the heater into my controller.

  2. brewmaster
    brewmaster says:

    Add first dry hop of 3ozs each Columbus and Galaxy today. Specific gravity was at 1.032 so I suspect about 2 days left in fermentation.

  3. brewmaster
    brewmaster says:

    Been fermenting now for 4-5 days and SG is at 1.04 which is slow compared to my past batches. The color is very nice. I plan to add second dry hop when it hit 1.01 so maybe another day or so.

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