Between the Pipes | Double IPA 7.6%

Second time brewing Between the Pipes.  That said I am not 100% confident I actually used the same grain bill as I could not sort out my prior sheets and the “on the fly” changes I made while shopping at Strange Brew.

Grain Bill

25lbs Pale 2-row malt
3lbs Wheat Flaked
1lb 8ozs Oats Flaked
2ozs Amarillo @ 15mins
6ozs Citra Whirlpool @ 180 for 15mins
10pkgs American Ale yeast (Wyeast labs #1056)
15ozs Galaxy Dry Hopped for 2 days (added at roughly 2 days before fermentation end)


Can’t say there was a strong inspiration other than people liked the first batch and I wanted to try and improve on color and oxidation and mostly I planned to enter this into the national home brew competition.

Brew Notes

When I cooled the wort for the whirlpool it cooled much faster than I expected it would.  Should have run the chiller water slower.  Also ended up boiling for 75mins versus 60mins to get the volume down to the target volume.

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  1. chris williams
    chris williams says:

    I did not really think I would win but I did think I would do better than I did. I ended up with a 20 out of 50 score for this beer. The biggest issue I had was Diacetyl which is a popcorn or buttery flavour. While this is great for popcorn it is really bad for beer. In the end this was a big learning for me as I discovered I am rushing my fermentation. The judges also felt it was a bit low in alcohol to be called a DIPA. As well they felt the hop profile was less than expected.

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